Grievance Procedure

Should a problem arise during the course, we fully expect it to reveal itself before it gets ‘out of hand’, thus enabling us to deal with it accordingly. From the outset of us running our courses, we have emphasised the fact that we can be approached at any point – in or outside of the course modules. This is an extension of the very informal way we have always our daily classes, workshops, retreats and indeed, teacher trainings.

In the unlikely event that an issue cannot be resolved by the above informal procedure, we will make it clear that any student can make a formal complaint to us either face-to-face or via telephone or email and we will address the problem professionally and swiftly, hopefully setting straight any grievances that have arisen. If this proves to be impossible, and it becomes clear that the student feels that they cannot continue with the course, we will then go our separate ways. This will not exempt them from returning to the course at some later date should they feel this would be their best course of action.