Code of Conduct

Throughout our course, we will be presenting and conducting ourselves with utmost professionalism. We will be treating our students with the kind of respect we would expect them to treat us & our assistants/students. This is perhaps even more important given the arena we are working in – a very physical environment where hands are laid on bodies in terms of adjustments and emotions can be foregrounded through movement/yoga’s tendency to mine deep.

This is an area we emphasise a lot on our courses as part of what we call the ‘Ethics of Teaching’, whereby, although a movement/yoga class can be an informal, fun and exciting place, it must also be safe, comfortable, non-threatening and welcoming. And the onus for this lies squarely with the teacher. Her or his conduct must be beyond reproach and s/he must deal with any disruptive elements in class that may make for a negative experience for someone else. This is no less so in the context of teacher training – one might argue more so as we, as teacher trainers, are helping to create the next generation of teachers and we should be looking to completely squeeze out any inappropriate behaviour from the movement/yoga class however it may raise its ugly head. 

But from the outset, we expect the most basic degree of politeness when it comes to anyone we're working with – listening to others, turning up on time, etc. A discussion along these lines always takes place at the beginning of our courses so that everyone knows from the start what is expected of them. Including ourselves.

NOTE: As a student of our training course, you consent to your contact details (name, email and phone number) being passed onto our partners, Yoga Alliance Professionals, so they can contact you directly and invite you to register as a Trainee and Teacher.  You understand that you have the option of opting out of this registration process.

Policy documents are available upon request.