Assessment Criteria and Procedures

As there is no ‘pass/fail’ on our courses, the student is continually monitored throughout – obviously during the three modules, but also in-between, both in person in terms of the student observing/shadowing/assisting us in class, attending led classes or 1-1 sessions (practices or discussions) and remotely via telephone or the internet.

It will be this continuous mentoring that will determine – at the end of the course – whether or not the student is ready to go on to teach. A certificate of completion will be issued to each student who sees the course through, and who we feel has reached a satisfactory level. But it will be the aforementioned dialogue that will give the ‘seal of approval’. Or not. Clearly a student could go on to teach despite our advice not to – this would also be the case if a student ‘failed’ a ‘pass/fail’ type course. But we do not envisage this will be the case  - the relationship we intend to cultivate with our students will be such that we fully expect them to take our advice seriously.

Those who we consider are not ready to teach ‘in the field’ will be advised to continue to work on those areas thus far lacking. Those who we consider are ready, we will actively help them set themselves up as bona fide teachers as recognised by us and Yoga Alliance Professionals. This process in itself may take a while – it will be totally dependent on the individual concerned. In this regard, we will be looking at:

  • the student’s attitude and manner
  • general understanding and knowledge of yoga/movement
  • confidence and safety in adjustments
  • creativity and intelligence in sequencing
  • basic grasp of anatomy

As we consider the FMP TT to be more along the lines of an ‘apprenticeship’, contact between us and the student will continue for as long as is necessary. This might include embarking on our advanced TT program.