New To FMP?

New to FMP? 

Here we focus on strength, agility and mobility. We like to move in different ways that challenge body and mind, creating new neural pathways in your brain and helping you to feel healthy and agile.

We draw inspiration from movers like Ido Portal, Yuval Ayalon and Tom Weksler. These guys really know how to train smart and move in playful ways which is exactly what we love to do here!

We have a range of classes to suit different abilities: Mellow Yellow (a good starting point) and Move On Up (for when you want to transition to superhero status), as well as some more trad yoga classes. Get in touch using the form & we’ll get straight back to you & guide you through the best starting point for you.

As if that's not enough, your first class is FREE!

Everyone should move - in as subtle/complex ways as possible. It will compliment your beloved running / cycling / gym gig, so come along, try it out – we promise you'll be hooked!.

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