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Mark Freeth

I've been involved in physical disciplines for 45 years & teaching full time for 20. I was 14 when started my 1st kung fu classes, 'cos, y'know - EVERYONE wanted to be Bruce Lee back then.... Then there was a long journey thru other martial arts, wrestling, fencing, yoga & 'movement culture'. It dawned on me, after training with Ido Portal,  that I didn't want to be a 'specialist' in a particular discipline - I wanted to be a 'generalist' - able to transfer my skills from one activity to another. Also, I was becoming less & less interested in extreme 'tricks' - I simply wanted to train smart, move in playful ways & hold on to optimum health & fitness thruout my whole life - and hopefully inspire my students to do the same. This is exactly what FMP is all about. Try us. You've got nothing to lose & everything to gain...


Jackie Buckley

My parents took me to ballet and gymnastics classes as a child to help combat my shyness and my pigeon-toed walking. It certainly did the trick! Through school, I played basketball and rounders and then as an adult, I came across yoga via a Body Balance course I took at my local college. There weren't many classes in the area at that time- that I knew of anyway!- so I bought a yoga DVD and would kick my Dad out of the living room a few times a week so I could practice. Thanks Dad!

Fast forward to 2012 and I undertook my YTT with FYP. It was a fantastic experience and gave me a strong grounding for my teaching. I took a break to focus on swing dancing and training as a massage therapist before returning to teaching in 2018 at FYP. Over time I have naturally moved away from traditional yoga and I'm really interested in the different ways we can move our bodies and how we can incoporate this into our lives. It's a never-ending process of learning and adapting.

Charlotte Azurdia

I stepped into my first yoga class in my twenties at a gym near work in London. I initially went once a week and soon attended multiple times a week. I loved the mixture of feelings I experienced after class (energy, strength, mobility, calm as well as a sense of finding more space in my body and my mind). 

After contemplating teaching yoga for many years, I finally bit the bullet, embarked on my teacher training at FYP and have not looked back since.
I love mixing my own practice alternating between dynamic, mellow and more tailored yoga sessions to achieve a specific goal, as they each in their own way allow me to stay grounded, calm, healthy, strong and focused.

Massiel Kempton Medina

I danced a lot as a child and in the 90s I practised Callanetics from a video in my bedroom. I loved the way the combination of body weight strength training and deep stretching made me feel. 

When I eventually tried Traditional Yoga whilst living in India, I was amazed at all the different types and styles, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I always dreamed of one day having the time to try to become a bit more like all the great teachers that had inspired me. 

In the autumn after the first lockdown I found FMP and instantly felt at home. I jumped at the chance to train for my teacher training and here I am now. After years of practise I still enjoy the combination of body weight strength training and mobility and I love the daily challenge of continuously learning more about how movement is imperative to our wellbeing.

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