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Mark Freeth

I've been involved in physical disciplines for 45 years & teaching full time for 20. I was 14 when started my 1st kung fu classes, 'cos, y'know - EVERYONE wanted to be Bruce Lee back then.... Then there was a long journey thru other martial arts, wrestling, fencing, yoga & 'movement culture'. It dawned on me, after training with Ido Portal,  that I didn't want to be a 'specialist' in a particular discipline - I wanted to be a 'generalist' - able to transfer my skills from one activity to another. Also, I was becoming less & less interested in extreme 'tricks' - I simply wanted to train smart, move in playful ways & hold on to optimum health & fitness thruout my whole life - and hopefully inspire my students to do the same. This is exactly what FMP is all about. Try us. You've got nothing to lose & everything to gain...


Jackie Buckley

My parents took me to ballet and gymnastics classes as a child to help combat my shyness and my pigeon-toed walking. It certainly did the trick! Through school, I played basketball and rounders and then as an adult, I came across yoga via a Body Balance course I took at my local college. There weren't many classes in the area at that time- that I knew of anyway!- so I bought a yoga DVD and would kick my Dad out of the living room a few times a week so I could practice. Thanks Dad!

Fast forward to 2012 and I undertook my YTT with FYP. It was a fantastic experience and gave me a strong grounding for my teaching. I took a break to focus on swing dancing and training as a massage therapist before returning to teaching in 2018 at FYP. Over time I have naturally moved away from traditional yoga and I'm really interested in the different ways we can move our bodies and how we can incoporate this into our lives. It's a never-ending process of learning and adapting.

Charlotte Azurdia

I stepped into my first yoga class in my twenties at a gym near work in London. I initially went once a week and soon attended multiple times a week. I loved the mixture of feelings I experienced after class (energy, strength, mobility, calm as well as a sense of finding more space in my body and my mind). 

After contemplating teaching yoga for many years, I finally bit the bullet, embarked on my teacher training at FYP and have not looked back since.
I love mixing my own practice alternating between dynamic, mellow and more tailored yoga sessions to achieve a specific goal, as they each in their own way allow me to stay grounded, calm, healthy, strong and focused.

Rachel Jones

My first experience of yoga was back in my late teens at a local class and I was advised to go at least 3 times to get a true feel for what a yoga class involves and how beneficial it could be, this was great advice and I’ve never looked back since. Although my personal main aim for yoga is to improve my strength (mind and body), I love that yoga also enhances my mobility, flexibility, improves muscle and joint condition and has many other health related benefits including helping me stay focused and balanced. 

I enjoy and embrace many forms of yoga and the benefits they provide. I completed my training at FYP in 2019 which I loved and this has enhanced my knowledge and enjoyment of yoga.

My other love is cycling and I feel that yoga is a huge compliment to cycling and any other hobbies / sports involving repetitive movements.

Katie Johnson - FMP AMBASSADOR!

I stumbled across yoga in 2017 whilst on a desperate search to find a way to de-stress, manage anxiety and stay active outside of the corporate bubble I was in. I totally fell in love with yoga the moment I stepped into my first vinyasa class, it completely transformed my perceptions of the practice and I went home that evening and had the best night's sleep I’d had in months. 

Yoga became part of my daily life, I just loved the feeling that it gave me and how each class was like a remedy, giving me the strength, calm or energy that I needed. I found that as my body got stronger my mind did too, and soon realised that I wanted to share this magic of yoga to help other people.

And so I began my yoga teacher training with FMP in 2018, it was an incredible journey and has enhanced my love for movement. My practice involves fun, nourishing and creative flows with a chilled out vibe to help release stress and restore strength and balance.

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