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Energetic. Thrilling. Funky. A 21st century approach to movement & yoga. FMP believe you should move in many different ways - ALL the time. The emphasis here is on movement to achieve optimum mobility, agility, strength, coordination. We like to move outside 'The Box' Our take on yoga is probably unlike anything you’ve come across before. An all-round form of physical exercise. The diverse ways we move and groove means you'll challenge yourself in different ways – every single time you come. Be it a mellow flow, familiar yoga positions, through locomotion work, to using sticks, handstands, hanging from bars, jumping, crawling & rolling! We’re going to ask you to try things you’ve never considered before. We want you to step up to the edge, challenge yourself, move out of your comfort zone. Your 1st class is free. You've got nothing to lose & everything to gain. We look forward to working with you!                      

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